About us

It all started with a plugin. We were initially approached to develop a WordPress Plugin that utilised the Bullhorn API to display jobs from the Bullhorn CRM directly on to a website. After much sweat and tears (well almost) we created our very own Bullhorn WordPress Plugin…

Packaging the plugin

Looking around the web there were no other solutions available to integrate the excellent and popular Bullhorn CRM in to websites, so we developed the plugin further adding more features and facilities and created a little website to promote our Bullhorn WordPress Plugin.

The plugin gained its first customer with two days of the website going live and soon we enjoyed customers across the globe who wished to take advantage of our superb plugin.

Plugin features

Take a look at some of the features of our excellent Bullhorn WordPress Plugin, the plugin is available as a standalone feature in our existing website or part of a whole new website, we’ll make sure it fits in perfectly with your website.

Your Jobs - Your Way

With our unique query builder, we can make sure that only the jobs you want to appear on the website actually appear on the website.

Correct Job Data

Candidates should only see data you want them to see, we work with you to grab only the correct fields to display the correct information on to your website.

Bullhorn Two Way Communication

As well as grabbing data from Bullhorn, we can also put it back in. Do you want your candidates to go straight in to Bullhorn from the website application form? Not a problem.

Automatic Updates

Once the Bullhorn WordPress Plugin is set up and running, it will automatically grab jobs from your Bullhorn system and display on the website.

Optimised and Fast

The way our solution is coded means that jobs are served on your website faster than the Bullhorn API itself, if you speak techie we’ll tell you how we did it.

Fits Right In

Other job solutions look out of place and an afterthought, we make sure your job pages fit in with the rest of your website and style them to look pixel perfect.

Search Engine Optimised

Your job pages are search engine optimised, meaning more traffic for you and quicker turnaround of jobs.

Update On Demand

Have a HOT job? Our Bullhorn Plugin updates itself periodically, you can however choose to updates and refresh your job list as and when you want to.

LInkedIn Integration

Candidates can auto complete their application form based on LinkedIn data, just click an ‘authorise with LinkedIn’ button and off it goes.

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